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Privacy Policy

The following applies the Discord application Light#5242 (704823131549860000) and following website properties

Updated and effective since 5/17/22

Light collects data through the Discord bot gateway.
Light only stores data that it needs to function properly, such as the user's Discord Snowflake, Name, etc.
By default, Light only stores snowflakes for user's creations and keeping track of user data on the bot, examples would be the economy and specific messages used directly with Light.

Light also will keep track of a short history of usernames and server nicknames from the user.
We do store the data of commands used for archival and moderation measures within the bot.

All of Light's processed information stays on the bot and does not get stored/accessed any external 3rd party. As for message content and presence intent features, all information is ephemeral and is not cached.

Light uses and stores this data to function properly, display correct information per-user, and for moderation/anti-abuse measures.

If you would like this data deleted, use the >mydata command on the bot. Or contact niki#0001 (256569460981366784), in the support server.

Also see Discord's Privacy Policy

Thanks for using Light. If you have questions and or concerns, feel free to join the Support server